Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hanging Out in the Crib

Harper was up before Dakota this morning and he couldn’t wait to go in and get Dakota once we heard her. I was getting out his clothes for the day and when I got in her room, this is what I found:


We went out to the mall this morning to find them some new sneakers. I ended up getting them both 2 pairs from Skechers, one pair that lights up and one pair that doesn’t. Those lights are important to 2 & 4 year old kids.

We were able to get shoes pretty quickly so I decided to let them play in the play area for a little bit. It was great because there were hardly any other people there! (It’s usually a madhouse!) A dad came in with his little girl, she might have been 10/11 months old but she was walking. Harper and Dakota both gravitated right to her because she was as cute as a button. I had to keep reminding them to be careful around her because they were doing all their “tricks”. I overheard Harper encouraging the baby to climb the stairs to the slide and I also heard him explaining how to climb up the slide. Once, when she did get to the top of the steps to slide, he even held out his hands and told her he’d catch her! It was so sweet!

When the dad was about to leave, he came over to me and said “you have a very kind little boy”. I said “Yeah, he’s a nice guy” and he said he thought it was so nice how he was encouraging his daughter and giving her compliments when she did well. I thanked him but on the inside I was beaming with pride! It’s so nice to hear someone say nice things about my children! It just means I’m doing something right, I think. Winking smile

We got home from the mall just in time for Dakota’s nap, and she zonked out within seconds. Harper played the iPad for awhile while she slept and he found a game on Apps Gone Free (yes he knows to check that for new free games to try) that he thought he might like. I told him that he was really too old for it so he said he wanted to get it for Dakota instead. Since it was free I downloaded it and he “tried it out to see if Dakota would like it”. (I was right, it was too babyish for him.) When it was time for her to get up from her nap he could not wait to show her the game he picked out for her!

He brought the iPad upstairs and climbed right in her crib to show her! I think it’s awesome that they’re both small enough to do stuff like this! I’m hoping this early bonding will mean a life long friendship.


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