Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Me and Dakota

This morning, while Harper went to school, Dakota and I went to hang out at the park. Our weather couldn’t have been more perfect and I knew she’d love the one on one time, so it was a win win!


I brought along her little stroller and “gigi’s” (babies) and she just loved pushing them all around the park. She put them right at the edge of the playground so they could watch her play.


First up, the rock wall. I can’t believe she can do this all by herself already!


Then she ran across the bouncy bridge a few dozen times.


Next was the slide.


And then came the ladder. Before she started up the ladder she told me “No help me, mama”. My baby just doesn’t need all the help she used to and she made it up there with no trouble at all.


We walked the babies a little bit after this and went to the bigger park to play as well. I didn’t take any pictures there though because she wanted me to chase her, and I obliged.

After all the running, it was time to swing. She held onto her bear the entire time she was swinging and I thought it was just adorable!



We decided to head to Wegman’s for a bit after the park because she wanted something to “eateat”. We did a little shopping and I picked up a few snacks to share, plus a few groceries we needed anyways. I thought she might like a Lunchable, but she didn’t love it too much so she mostly ate the hummus and pretzel thins I got in case she didn’t like the cheese and crackers.



After having our snack and a little playtime with the train set in the café, we headed back to the school to pick up Harper.

I really enjoyed those two and a half hours with my girlfriend. She is such a fun little girl and I’m incredibly lucky to get to spend my days with her.

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