Monday, September 8, 2014

I Heart Scrapbooking

I’ve been doing a little scrapbooking and this weekend I made a couple pages with photo’s I’ve had on my desktop for ages. I knew I wanted to make single pages with these two pictures so I copied them to my desktop (with many others) so that they wouldn’t be forgotten.


I showed this page to Harper and Dakota the morning after I made it and after reading it to them, they both asked to hear the story again. And again and again. Harper really loved seeing his photo on there with the little story and it was in that moment that I remembered why I loved scrapbooking so much. I love that I was able to capture a little bit of what’s going on in his life at this moment and get it down on paper, with an adorable photo. These moments are fleeting, and while I won’t catch every one of them, I want there to be lots of them we can look back on.

Dakota also loved looking at that page over and over again and I decided I’d better make one for her too. So, I got to work and came up with the page below.


Neither of the kids have seen the page I made about Dakota yet, but I’m looking forward to showing them. Both pages are super simple but they’re done. They’re moments in time captured and documented and pages that I hope to pass on to my kids when the time comes.

I’ve definitely got the desire to scrapbook back, a desire I thought I might have lost after not being terribly active since the two little's were born. I’m looking forward to starting fresh with it and making lots and lots of little stories come to life.

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