Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zoe’s Place

After spending a good part of our morning at the seafood festival, we loaded up in the van and drove out to see Zoe and Brandon’s new apartment. One of Zoe’s friends from high school had stopped by on his way back to Boston so we got to visit with Viktor a little bit too. I’ve always just loved him!


After saying our hello’s and checking the place out, Zoe asked us to help her hang some of her stuff up, you know, decorate. So, we (Mema, Zoe and I) pulled out her stuff and started making decisions about where to hang what and then Brandon started getting things up on the walls.



We got several things hung, but work slowed when Zoe wanted to touch up the paint on some old frames she had. Before we knew it the kids were getting restless and we decided it was time to get back home. Time flew by but I know it wont be long before we’re back.

Here’s a little bit of what their place looks like:

From the front door looking into the living room.


The living room, with a very relaxed Landon enjoying their couch.


Looking into their computer area (a formal dining area). While we were hanging pictures Tony was trying to set up her printer.


From the computer area looking into the kitchen/dining area.


Their bedroom, from the doorway; don’t mind the little’s.


From the other side of the room. They have two nice walk in closets.


Their air conditioner has been broken since they moved in and they were told that a part had been ordered to fix it. They’ve been dealing with no ac for the entire week, and of course it’s been really hot! (As of today, they have ac! More than a week after moving in. Grr.)

And that covers it.

*I didn’t feel like a photo of the bathroom was necessary, a bathroom’s a bathroom.

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