Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Outside at Preschool

I got to go to school with Harper on Monday as I as scheduled to work. He is always so happy when I get to go to school with him, and honestly, I love going.



It’s fun to watch him interact with kids his own age and with the teacher as well. He’s such a little sweetheart.


While we were outside on the playground he came running over to his teacher to tell her that there was a spider on the playhouse. She went right over and when she saw that it was a daddy long leg, she pulled it off to show him. He wasn’t about to touch it, but he certainly couldn’t take his eyes off it! He watched her put it on a tree and then he, and the small crowd that gathered, went in search of more. They found several and each time they’d come running to tell us where/how many they’d found.

That’s what I love about preschool; the opportunity to learn at any given moment. I love that his teacher listens when he speaks and uses the nicest most kind voice when she answers him. I love watching the spark in his eyes as he discovers something new and fascinating and I especially love being able to witness it all.

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