Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Night

As if Halloween isn’t enough commotion, mom and I were trying to get the bathroom finished before she had to go the next day. Somehow, and now that it’s over I can’t even remember, it all came together. We were done painting and ripping the tape off the walls before it was time to head out with the kids. It was craziness, but it was done.

As soon as I could, I got the kids dressed and out the front door for pictures before it got too dark. They weren’t terribly cooperative, but oh boy they were cute!



Tony gave Harper some binoculars and a whistle to play with and that whistle was so much fun for them! They very nicely took turns with it and challenged each other to see who could blow it the loudest.


Once everyone was ready, we headed out to ring some doorbells.



For the first several houses, after Harper and Dakota would get a piece of candy, they’d come running to me to show me what they’d gotten. They were so surprised people kept giving them candy!

We all (Tony, my mom, Chris, Lori, Lea, Harper, Dakota, Zoe, Brandon and I) walked for quite a while but my feet were killing me from being on the go all day so mom and I headed back to the house to hang out with Landon while he scared the crap out of people handed out candy. Everyone else kept on going and I was surprised at how long they were all gone. Dakota and Harper were so happy with the whole thing and Dakota even walked the majority of the time. Tony said Harper wanted to keep going but their buckets were full and it was getting quite cold out, so they came on home around 7:15 or so.



He just loves to sit out front and freak people out every year. He put a “take one piece of candy” sign on the cauldron, got the fogger going and waited patiently for people to get their piece and then “AHHHH” he’d scream at them! It was pretty darn funny! He didn’t scare the youngest kids, but if they looked big enough, he’d do his best to scare them. One time, he didn’t say anything, he just reached out and touched the kids hand as he got his candy and that kid didn’t know what the hell had happened. He just kind of looked at Landon and backed away slowly. Another funny one was a little girl came up by herself, got her candy and then casually said “bye” as she walked away (she had no idea Landon was real). Landon heard her say bye and decided to say “bye” back…she stopped and looked everywhere trying to figure out who’d said it! She just couldn’t figure it out! It was hysterical!

We had a great night and the kids have plenty of Halloween candy to get through to next year. (Except Tony and I packed up two entire grocery bags for him to take to work and give away.) We still have a ton of candy though and I’m sure it’ll take a LONG time for it to be gone.

Can’t believe we’re into November already! Happy Sunday, everyone!

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Leslie said...

hahaha that's great. I would love to be able to sit on the porch and scare people on Halloween.. Around here, I'd probably get shot. : )
Love the photos.. trick or treating is so exciting to the little ones. happy november!!

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