Saturday, November 1, 2014

Monday-Friday Review

My mom flew up here last Monday and left this morning. It was a quick and very busy visit. I never seem to find the time to blog when she’s here, we’re always so busy, so here’s a quick re-cap of what I can remember.

Monday- I had a busy morning because I had to work at the preschool. It was as fun as usual and Harper is always happy that I get to go to school with him. They made a really cute skeleton craft using q-tips.


My mom’s flight didn’t come in until 8:30pm, so my two littlest one’s were in bed when she got here. The airport was slammed when I got up there and I sat in traffic for a good bit before finally moving. Mom’s plane took forever to deplane and I told her to just text me when she got outside. Of course she texted me right after the traffic started to flow again and I had just passed the Delta waiting area and had to do a loop before getting her. Luckily, after the loop, the traffic was still light and I was able to pick up her right away. We didn’t get  to bed until late that night and boy was I tired the next day!

Tuesday- The two little’s, meme and I stayed home for most of the day. I did have to go to Target for a couple of things in the afternoon though, so mom and I headed out once Tony got home. Somehow we ended up looking at the wallpaper and paints that Target carries and we got the bright idea to spiff up the bathroom on the main floor. (I bought a rug and towels nearly a year ago as color inspiration for the bathroom then never did anything about it. Go me.) As soon as we got back that night, Meme started pulling the bathroom apart so that she could start painting the first coat of yellow.

Wednesday- I had to get Harper to school and since I planned to come straight back to the house, Dakota got to stay at the house with Meme while I went. When I got home, I kept Dakota busy while mom worked on the bathroom. (The paint we got at Target didn’t seem to be the best as it took three coats to cover the old color. The old color was a peachy/brown and we thought two coats would have done it but it sure didn’t. After mom used a brush for the first two coats I went and rolled the third on and finally it was covered.) At about 11:10am  we all got in the car, picked Harper up from school and then met Mema for lunch at Chick-fil-A like we usually do. From Chick-fil-A, Mema took Harper to Rolly Pollies and the rest of us headed home so that Dakota could get a nap. That afternoon and evening were spent painting the bathroom and figuring out how to tape it off to create the stripes we had in our minds. (There were several trips to Lowe's during all of this but I cant even remember when those happened now!)

Thursday- As soon as Landon left for school, the rest of us hopped in the van and went to Lowe’s for more stuff. We got what we needed there pretty quickly then I dropped mom off at the house and took the kids to the library. The weekend prior we had made a trip to Costco and the entire time we were there Harper sat in the cart looking at a gigantic book about dinosaurs. I decided I wanted to go to the library to find him some more dino books and boy was he excited when we checked out a bunch! We also found a few super hero books so it ended up being a really good day for him! Dakota wanted a Barney movie so we got a few of those too. Everyone was happy. Mom got one wall taped that night and we hit the sack so that we could get up bright and early for Harper’s last day of school for the week which included his super awesome costume parade.

Friday- The morning was a blur getting everything and everyone ready for Harper’s parade. We got to the school with a little time to spare and then we all waited outside while they prepared to come out. They came out and showed off their costumes and I’ve never seen a cute bunch of kids! There were princesses (3 Elsa’s, 1 Sleeping Beauty, I think), ninja turtles (3, all Leonardo), a panda bear (representing the new baby panda, Bao Bao, at the National Zoo) a bumblebee, a duck, an Incredible (Violet), a squid, and the cutest little army guy I’ve ever seen.


They sang us a few songs and recited a few Halloween inspired poems and then we got some hugs and they went to have a fun day at school while the rest of headed home. I hung out with Kota while Meme worked on taping more of the bathroom then Dakota stayed with Meme while I picked up Harper. I got home and we all decided we were starving, and just as we were walking out the door, Zoe came in. So, we loaded up and headed out to lunch. Once we were home it was quiet time and work on the bathroom time once again. Between Zoe, Meme and I we whipped that bathroom into shape and got it finished. Mom was set to stay home from trick-or-treating to finish it, but we were able to get it all done just in time for us all to go out walking with the kids. I have lots of pictures to post about Halloween and the bathroom’s finished look, but those will have to be my next posts because I’ve gotta run for now!

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