Friday, December 12, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung…

I’ve been wanting new stockings for years now. We had some cute one’s but I wanted some that went together, one for each family member. Well, I guess I’d voiced that aloud to my mom a few times and she decided to make me some!

I am absolutely thrilled with the adorable stockings that she made! It’s funny how well she captured each of our personalities in each one. As soon as she had them pulled out of the box, I immediately knew who’d be getting each one. I told her and then I thought I’d see what Tony thought. Oddly enough, he chose the same exact stockings for the same exact people. It was weird. Then, just to really test the waters, I had Zoe and Landon try. They got close but they didn’t make the same exact picks as Tony and I. (The letter pinned on each one is a first initial for each of us, but she didn’t have those pinned on, I got to choose who got what.)

Here they are, youngest to oldest:













Aren’t they just awesome! I love all the details on each one, and the colors are terrific.

Thank you so much, Mom! I just love them!

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