Monday, January 5, 2015

Back To Life…Back To Reality

It’s hard to believe all the holiday hoopla is over. The anticipation leading up to Christmas is so magnificent that when it’s finally over it nearly takes the life right out of the room as it goes. Of course, the kids are happy and the presents are opened and there’s this giant mess of paper, tape, ribbon and toys to deal with, but it’s like there just isn’t any energy left to deal with it all. At least not any energy from me.

I’m always a little glad it’s all over though honestly. I mean, who in the world could keep that much stuff going all the time? Searching for gifts, buying supplies, hiding stuff, wrapping gifts, making sure the Elf isn’t forgotten, baking cookies, juggling family/friends/work/school…it’s all a bit…exhausting. Every year I want to simplify things and every year I fail. I get so caught up in making sure we all do these traditional activities that it’s almost like if I don’t get it checked off my list, I’ve failed. Someday I’ll get it, I just don’t know when.

The flipside to the chaos of December is the low that comes with January. Going back to the routine is difficult. All that fun stuff we looked forward to in December is now behind us and the next few months look pretty bleak. Landon REALLY didn’t want to go back to school today. Tony wasn’t eager to get up bright and early for work and I certainly would have preferred to sleep in longer than my 6:10am alarm. But, Landon went to school, Tony to work and I did get out of bed on time. Harper and Dakota are still on break time though because neither of them got out of bed before 8am. (Although, I think the entire break they were up before 8, go figure.)

The two kids and I spent the majority of the day in the house. We did have to make a run to Office of Child Care to drop off some paperwork concerning Harper’s new school, but other than that, we stayed home. We played and played and played and did some art. Taking down all the Christmas stuff sure makes the house feel empty and undressed, so the kiddo’s and I made some salt dough hearts to hang in the house.

We made the dough and baked them yesterday and while I went to orientation for Harpers new school, Tony let them paint a few. They didn’t finish painting yesterday though, so that was our art project for today as well.






The hearts turned out really cute and they’re drying in my window sill right now. I plan to hang them in the morning and I’ll be sure to post a finished product tomorrow.

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