Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Snow of 2015

We got our first snow this morning. It was supposed to be nothing much but I guess the weather was a bit tricky and we ended up with about 2 1/2 to three inches. That still isn't much, but it sure made the roads a mess and there were accidents all over the place. I had a tough decision to make when it came to sending Landon to school and ultimately I decided he should go, but man did I ever feel guilty! I was so worried about him all day and I was so relieved when he got home this afternoon! Next time I’ll just let him miss a day to save myself all the guilt!

Harper was up bright and early this morning, 7am on the nose, and as soon as he saw snow, he wanted to get out in it. Dakota was awake just after Harper and when she saw snow she told me to get her boots so she could get outside! I tried to talk them into waiting but they were so excited that I just got them ready and let them go on the deck for a few minutes while I watched from the sliding glass doors...it wasn’t even 7:30am yet but the two of them were in heaven!



First order of business: Taste the snow.


Next up: Snow Angel


I decided it was a good time to wash all their outerwear since it was all wet, so I threw it all in the laundry and we went downstairs to play. I told them once everything was washed and dried, we’d go back outside. When they felt they’d waited long enough, they went to check on the dryer:


When we got upstairs there was 13 minutes on the timer so they decided to just lay there and wait. :) As soon as the buzzer went off they were ready to get back out in it!



Since Dakota was up bright and early this morning, she was tired enough in the afternoon for a nap. (This is the first nap she’s had since the beginning of Christmas break!) The minute she woke up though, they were ready for round 3! Since we spent so much time in the front yard the last time we thought we’d head out back on the swing set for bit this time.




We had a great time playing today and I think these two are going to be snow lovers like their big brother and sister always were!

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