Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Eve

New Years Eve came and went in a flash. We didn’t do anything special really, just hung out at home entertaining the kids as usual.

We typically do a fondue dinner, but since we didn’t have our crap together, it didn’t happen. Instead, we bought stuff to make personal pizza’s and the kids got to make their own dinner.



The pizza’s turned out delicious but the two little kids hardly ate any of it! Sometimes it’s just impossible to feed them. Landon, Tony and I enjoyed ours though!

After getting the youngest two to bed, we all just hung out doing our own thing until midnight. As soon as the clock struck midnight, we turned out the light and went to sleep! We’re such party animals!

I forgot to post that my mom and dad got the two little’s some dress up clothes for Christmas. Here’s some pictures of them all dressed up…







They really love all the accessories that came with each outfit and Dakota really digs that pink tutu! Thanks Meme and Papa!

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