Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Photo’s

Anyone with little kids knows how hard it can be to get great pictures on Christmas morning when there is so much going on. To tell you the truth, I don’t even try very hard to get great pictures, I just try to get something that will remind me of how happy they were. So, here’s some of the decent(ish) pictures I got:

Cookies for Santa





(Dakota never opened hers because she saw a toy she wanted to play with and that was that!)




I think one of the best parts of Christmas morning this year was watching Harper hand out the gifts he’d chosen for everyone. He was incredibly proud and the gifts he chose were very sweet. He gave Zoe a big plastic cup with a lid, Tony got a movie (Hook), Landon got a lava lamp, Brandon got a score keeper thing and I got the cube of paper. But, the one he was most excited to give was Dakota’s. As soon as he saw it under the tree he grabbed it and gave it to her. He told her it was from him and asked her to open it. She did, and she found a very soft fluffy bear inside and she gave it the biggest hug! It was such a sweet moment; one I hope to always have in my memory of these years. (I love the look on Harpers face as he’s watching Landon open his gift!)










A few other tidbits worth remembering about this Christmas…

  • Zoe and Brandon spent a few nights here at the house so that they could spend time with us and be here on Christmas morning. It was nice for them to be here! And, while we did give them each gifts, a lot of them were for both of them. Like, they got a crock pot, a George Forman grill, and some art for their walls…but, they got some nice stuff for just themselves as well. Oh, and they had to fill each others stockings because this Santa has to draw the line somewhere!
  • After opening some gifts, Harper and Dakota grew tired of it and just wanted to play with the things they’d already opened! We ended up putting the rest in a pile for them to open when they were ready again. They never did finish, so I just opened them up and showed them!
  • We made a delicious boneless breast turkey in the crockpot and it saved us from spending hours in the kitchen when we’d rather be playing with the kids. I believe it is going to be our tradition here on out.

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