Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back on Christmas

Ok, so I guess this little blog needs some updating. December was crazy crazy, and blogging just wasn’t gonna happen. Too many balls in the air and a few things had to slide…

We managed to have an incredible Christmas and everyone got something that they love. I loved how thoughtful everyone was in choosing their presents and I have to say that my family knows me well.

Tony said I was tough for him this year in that he didn’t know what to get me. You’d never have guessed he’d had any trouble at all because he got me some things that I just love. Scrapbooking supplies (always a winner!), tickets to two shows (Fiddler on the Roof at Arena Stage and Wicked at the Hippodrome), and a new phone to top it all off. There were other wonderful gifts but you get the idea…I’m spoiled!

Zoe and Landon split the cost of a beautiful bench I’d seen and wanted while out on a shopping trip with my mom in South Carolina. Mom told them about the bench and they agreed to get it for me. They’d had to hide it in their car and all kinds of funny business but I sure do appreciate it! It hasn’t found it’s permanent home yet, but soon I’ll have the perfect spot for it!IMG_5364

My little Harper got to do his shopping at preschool during Frosty’s table, and he chose a cube of notepaper for me. I had to giggle a little about his choice at first, but then, when I put it in here on my desk, I realized it was the perfect gift because I’m always looking for something to write on in here! I have all kinds of paper but not something to just jot a note on, so this really was a great little gift!


Brandon got me a really cool glass etching kit that I can use with my silhouette machine. It looks like it will be really cool, but I must admit that it looks a little intimidating! It comes with an entire video to teach you how to use it…but, I think I’ll have to give it a try and see what happens!

When my mom and dad drove up the day after Christmas, my mom couldn’t wait for us to open the gifts she’d made! As soon as we opened them I knew why!

She hand painted me this beautiful art called a barn quilt:


We contemplated hanging it outside, but I really wanted it inside. I decided it should hang on the huge wall in my living room and man does it look nice in there! I had to find some new homes for some other paintings, but once it was all done, I was really happy with where everything ended up. Now that the tree is put away I really need to get in there and take a few pictures of it on the wall…

She also painted Tony some awesome stuff for the basement:



They are both down hanging in the basement play area and they are perfect!


I’ve written about the chalk board wall at my mom’s house before, so I won’t go into detail about that now, but this year Zoe and my mom really worked on the board together to create a unique art piece. Usually it’d be something holiday related, but this year it was just a free flow art piece, and it was beautiful once it was finished. Well, since Zoe and my mom worked so hard on it, my mom took a picture and sent it to a company that blew it up onto a canvas, and my mom gave that to Zoe for Christmas. It turned out super cool and is now hanging in Zoe’s apartment.


This post is running rather long, so I’ll have to post some pics from Christmas soon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. Happy New Year!

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