Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dinner and Cotton Candy

We have been so busy around here again. I thought after the holidays things would slow down, but we are busier than ever it seems.

Harper’s preschool hasn’t restarted because there is a bit of a holdup with the Office of Childcare. They failed to inform us that we needed to give them a lead inspection certificate so we are scrambling to get that taken care of so that we can get back to work. We had our formal inspection on Wednesday of last week and everything was perfect besides that inspection. Moving a school mid year was tough but we got it done and now all we want to do is get into our new space and get back to our routines. We are really hoping to be back to school by the middle of this week. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday afternoon, Tony and I sat down and signed papers to refinance the house. We got a really good rate and felt it was too good to pass up. Then, later that evening, I went out to dinner with my friends, Mel and Dawn. There are usually four of us but our friend Kim wasn’t able to make it that night. We went to Grillfire this month. The food was good and we talked and talked the night away. At the end of our meal they gave us a cone of cotton candy. We were being silly and took some pictures to send to our friend Kim who wasn’t there…




We had a good time as usual and it’s really something I look forward to every month. We are trying not to eat at the same place twice also, so it’s a good excuse to try new places.

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