Monday, January 19, 2015

The Crop

I got to attend a scrapbook crop this past weekend and I had such a great time! I didn’t get much done as far as making pages goes, but it was nice to be able to concentrate all my energy and attention on a hobby I enjoy. Tony spent the weekend caring for the kids and keeping the house running as normal, and he did just as good a job as if I’d been here to do it myself.

I was at the crop on Friday for a few hours, from about 4pm-10pm, then I went home to sleep so that I could get up and go again on Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure how Dakota was going to take me being gone, but when I left that morning, the two little kids gave me big hugs before I left and there were no tears, which was nice. I was gone all day Saturday, again returning home around 10pm for sleep, and I set my alarm the next morning so that I could go before the kids got up. I thought if I saw them I’d probably not go to the final day of the crop, so I got up early and was out the door by 7:15am or so.

The crop was over at 3pm, but to avoid the rush to pack and get out of the hotel, I headed out around 1:30 or so. When I got home the kids were sitting in the kitchen playing with a couple new toys they’d gotten and when Dakota saw me she ran away from me and “hid”! (She “hid” as in she ran away from me and covered her eyes with her hands.) I’d had a feeling that she might be a little mad at me since I’d been away, and when I asked her if she was mad at mama, she said she was. I felt so horrible! It took a little convincing, but I sat and played with her and Harper for a long time until she came around. Harper told me he’d missed me and was glad I was home and gave me the sweetest hugs and kisses…that boy knows how to make a mama’s heart happy!

Today, things got back to the regular schedule, except that there was no school in honor of Martin Luther King. We didn’t do a whole lot. We got up and dressed and then headed down for breakfast and breathing treatments and then down into the basement for hours and hours of playtime. Dakota and I played blocks and with her Calico Critters and Harper and I had many battles with his Switch and Go Dino’s. Zoe showed up after her doctor’s appointment and after Landon was up and ready to go we headed to Firehouse for lunch.

I sure enjoyed being away for a bit this weekend, but I definitely was happy to be back home again. I’m such a wimp when it comes to leaving my kids, even when I know they are in perfectly capable and loving hands. I’ll try to post the pages I finished sometime tomorrow, but as usual, no promises!

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