Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday 5

  • I can’t look at this picture without smiling. I just love both of their expressions. We were in the kitchen making banana bread, just talking and mixing and smashing and having a good morning. And they were so happy. Harper was being silly and Dakota was laughing at his silliness. I just so happened to have my camera out and snapped at the right moment. It was all luck, and now it’s one of my most treasured photo’s of these two.


  • My mom’s birthday was this past Tuesday and I had the two kiddo’s make a little video for her. I thought it turned out super cute (love how they keep looking at one another) and thought it’d be fun to share here also. Enjoy! (Please ignore the end when Harper wipes his nose on his pants.) Smile
  • We did a little kitten sitting yesterday and poor Ginger had to hang out in the kitchen for a bit while the kitten adjusted to our house. We made certain she was comfy though, and she didn’t seem unhappy in the least.


  • It was Zoe and Brandon’s little kitten that we watched yesterday and man was it fun! I’d forgotten how fun baby animals were!





  • (I can’t remember if I ever wrote this little story on here or not, so I’m going to now. If it’s a repeat, well, it’s cute enough to read twice.) Harper was pretending to be a little bird the other night. He was flapping his wings and tweeting and just being a cute little bird when I noticed Dakota was crawling around on the floor. When I asked her what she was being she said “a carrot”! These kids sure keep me laughing! ;)

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