Sunday, March 1, 2015

Project Life (Weeks 4-8)

Week 4: The pages below are from Jan 18-24. Lots of words on these two pages. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot to say about what’s going on I guess! I really love the picture of Harper working on his Lego creation in my scrapbook room (bottom right, first layout.) He just sits there and works and talks about this and that; it’s fun.



Week 5: The final week of January, the 25th through 31st. Landon’s been going to drop in soccer on Friday nights. (middle row, last pic) He just about had a fit when he caught me taking pictures! :) I told him he better get out there and play before I really made a scene! (He went.)



Week 6: The first week in February, days 1-7. I love the picture of Harper’s small hands practicing his letter of the week, and the one of Dakota playing with her dollhouse, something she does several times a day. On the second page, I love the picture of Tony and Landon racing up the Abe Lincoln wall!



Week 7: February 8-14 ended up being a huge spread. In addition to the two usual pages I added a half page in between. I used the added section to showcase our Valentine’s Day photo’s. This was also the week we celebrated Lea’s fifth birthday and began swim lessons. Lot’s of good stuff here!

Left page:


Right page with half page on top:


Left page with back of half page on top:


Right page:


Week 8: February 15-21. I really didn’t even want to include the painting I did at a mom’s night out, but I ended up putting it in there anyway. It’s just awful, but now at least I know I’m not a painter! Don’t you just love the picture of Landon on the second page? (Middle row, 2nd one down.) He just loves stealing my phone and taking weird pics and videos.



So, with those pages done, it means I’m up to date so far this year. I’ve also made a few pages in the past couple days, but that’s another post for another day.

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Leslie said...

I love everything about all 8 weeks. The pages turned out amazing. such a great way to capture the year!
I'm working on my yearbook from last year.. fun.
Have a great Monday

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