Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pity Party For One

Ok, so I’m super glad I don’t have to drive a 15 seater van for the next three weeks but I just gotta say I’m not super in love with the rental I’ve got either. It’s really not a bad vehicle (Dodge Grand Caravan) but it just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles my own van does.

  • No heated seats. None. The seats aren’t leather, so that’s helpful in this cold weather, but I can’t even toast my buns if I want to. No toasty buns in the passenger or back seats either. It sucks. 
  • No TV's. Not a single one! I can actually live without this, and my kids will too, but life is more fun (and quiet) with cartoons in the car. Guess I’ll have to let them watch a little TV before school instead of on the way to school. We’ll be back to talking and singing again. Hmmph.
  • No remote start. I have to walk all the way into my garage, open the door, put in a key!?!?!, turn it and start the car to warm it up. What. A. Drag.
  • No push button start. Inserting a key into an ignition was a skill I just had to relearn. It’s ridiculous.
  • No built in garage door opener. I had to get out of my van, walk up to the house and enter the code on the keypad to close it after pulling out of the garage today. That won’t happen again though because I stole Tony’s garage door opener. That crap is gonna have to be his problem.
  • No GPS. How in the hell are we supposed to go anywhere new without a GPS system? What am I supposed to do, use my phone’s GPS? Print out a map before I leave? Memorize directions someone gives me? WTF?
  • No leather seats. Cloth seats might be slightly warmer than leather (not heated leather!!) but they are static-y. Now I’m going to have to make sure Dakota’s hair is glued to her head before we go anywhere just so she doesn’t look like a hedgehog when we get out of the car.
  • No electronic seat raising/lowering. I am literally going to have to use my hands to raise or lower a seat in the backend. I hope I can figure it out. <eyeroll>
  • No rear view back up camera. Going from having one to not having one is flat out dangerous and should be illegal! Once you have a back up camera you should ALWAYS have one because looking out the windows is so inconvenient.

So, there you have it. My list of complaints about this thing I’ve gotta deal with for the next three weeks. I suppose I could just be happy I’ve got something to drive at all, but where’s the fun in that?

*In case you can’t tell, this really isn’t a cry baby post, it’s just a post to remind me how thankful I should be every day to drive such a luxurious car. And, while I’m not kidding about not having the above mentioned stuff, I do realize that none of it is necessary, I’m just a spoiled brat.

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Tony said...

Hmmmm! Sounds like my car, no wonder it doesn't bother me.

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