Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dakota’s Room

I just got Dakota’s bedding in the mail and I was going to wait to blog about it all when I got the border, but I can’t wait. I’m so happy with how it all turned out I’ve just gotta get it on the ol’ blog!

So, the bed was Zoe’s originally and it was just a plain brown (like Landon’s dresser) and begging to be painted. I told my mom to go ahead and do whatever she wanted with it. She went with white because Dakota’s dresser is white and white goes well with everything anyhow. I love that she gave the side rails the splash of pink and as Dakota gets older we can remove them if we want. Right now Dakota tells me her favorite colors are pink and purple but who knows what she’ll say in a few years. I found the quilt on JCPenny’s site and I was lucky to find it was half price too! She tends to be warm natured so this thin quilt and sheet is likely all she’ll ever need. The art behind the bed is old, stuff I made before she was born and I’m not ready to let go of it yet.


This side of the room is where her changing table was before. The table is now in my closet waiting for a new job. I moved her dresser here to make room for the bookcase and it seemed to fit there just perfectly. Mom painted the drawers and door front to match the bed rails and it just makes the whole thing look brand new. All the stuff on the walls was already there minus the flower w/ butterflies. That’s something my mom brought up as a little bedroom gift. Smile 


The wall the bookcase is on is pretty bare right now. I have a couple ideas to spruce it up but right now I’m waiting on the border to get here. I do love how the bookcase turned out though! (Looks like we will need to be getting rid of some books soon! Many of them are from when I was a kid and many are from Zoe’s and Landon’s younger days as well.)


And there you have it. I’ll be sure to update once the border gets on the walls!

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