Friday, July 24, 2015

Bowling With Friends

We've been so busy getting ready for our trip this week that we haven't had any time to hang out with our friends. So today we made some time to go bowling with our buddies, Colin and Wyatt.

The kids had a great time and loved seeing each other and I was happy to have some time off from worrying about our upcoming trip. They bowled two games and then spent a little time in the game room pretending to play video games.

Here are a few video's from today:

Near the end of the second round Colin wanted to try bowling without the gutter guards. He missed the first couple of times, but I believe by his third try he was knocking down pins! Then, Harper decided he'd try to bowl without the help of the ramp and on his first try he got a spare! He was super excited about it and decided he liked bowling without a ramp.

When Dakota wasn't having her turn bowling she was chasing Colin and Wyatt around being a "weirdo". They laughed and played and had a great time!

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