Friday, July 24, 2015

Final Swim Lesson

On Thursday Harper had his final swim lesson; for awhile at least. (Dakota hasn't participated for most of this final session so Harper has been having private lessons. Things could be worse.)

I was thrilled to see that his coach moved him from level 3 to level 4! That means my boy is making some terrific progress! He was so proud when he came out of his lesson and he asked me if I'd seen him dive from the side and jump in to the teacher. Of course I'd been watching and I just can't believe how far he's come.

We're going to take a little break from lessons until after school starts. Our new schedules will be quite busy and I don't want to overwhelm the kids with school during the day and activities in the evening right away. I think we'll ease into school and then see if we can handle other activities.

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