Thursday, July 16, 2015

Down By The River

Yesterday morning the kids and I, including Landon headed to Patapsco for some river play time. I mentioned to Zoe that we were going and she drove down and met us there as well, so it was reminiscent of last summers trips to the water, and it was nice to have all the kids together. One of the mom's from preschool and her two boys joined us as well, so we had ourselves a little party of 8.

The swinging bridge is always a favorite for the kids but it never fails to freak me out a little. I always imagine one of them falling off the side...horrors.

The weather yesterday was very mild, mid 70's when we arrived at 9:30 am and the water was pretty cold, but the little kids sure didn't seem to notice. They ran right out in it and I'm pretty sure each of them fell all the way in at one point. Zoe and Landon braved the water a little too, but they didn't get wet past their shins.

Dakota thought she'd follow Landon and Zoe across the water but when she realized how deep the water was getting, she headed back.


Not sure what they're talking about here, but they're sure cute!

My two big kids...for some reason my camera wasn't working very well when I took the pictures of them, not sure what happened.

The two preschool friends playing in the sand.

Dakota wanted to wear goggles and she actually held still long enough for me to put them on her. Then, she walked over to the water, laid down and put her face under to see with her goggles! I couldn't believe it! This is the same chick who cries through swim lessons and refuses to get her face wet!

We played for about an hour before it began raining. It wasn't a heavy rain so we tried to wait it out but when it started falling a little harder we packed up and headed home. This was the moment Harper realized it was starting to rain; he'd been covered by the leaves on the trees and hadn't realized it'd been raining.

There is something so peaceful and calm about going to the river and I just love it. It's a lot of work getting thing together for it, but it's worth the work every single time. I loved that the kids had friends to play with this time as well. It's always nice to see little kids playing and having a good time!

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