Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slip N Slide

I found an inexpensive Slip N Slide at Target a few weeks ago and it sat on my kitchen counter for a little more than a week waiting for a good weather day to use it. It was either not quite warm enough for it or raining, but we finally had a good day this past week.

Landon and I went out and unrolled it, attached the hose, turned on the water and it immediately popped. The seam just ripped right out in two spots. I was super annoyed, but the two little kids were really excited to play on it so Landon and I grabbed duct tape and did our best to make it work.

While they were slipping and sliding, Landon and I attempted a game of horse, but we didn't get very far due to the heat.

When it was time to pack up the slide the two kids were really disappointed. They were really enjoying it but it was ripping further along the seam and losing more and more water to the grass. Since they were already wet and I was so hot, we loaded up and went down to our pool for a few hours...or four hours to be exact!

Here's a couple slip n slide video's, of course:

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