Monday, July 13, 2015

Sports Camp, Week 2, T-Ball

I wasn't too excited about taking the kids to sports camp this morning since last week didn't go so great, but I put on my happy face and took them anyways. We got up and followed our usual routine but as soon as I pulled Dakota's yellow t-shirt over her head she got teary eyed and said she didn't wanna go to "ports camp". I did my best to ease her fears but the more I talked the more she cried; Harper on the other hand was looking forward to going and seemed ready for anything, which was nice.

We got there just as the kids were heading onto the court so there was no time to sit and worry about what was going on, which was probably a good thing. When I saw that today's sport was t-ball I relaxed a bit because it is a sport in which both my kids are familiar.

They did their warm up which consisted of running from one goal to the other and back again and then they started their lesson. The coach taught them that home plate looked like a house and the proper names for the three bases. Then they ran the bases a few times, played a game of tag and then she brought out the baseballs. They practiced throwing, then how to toss the ball up and catch it, then she had them try to toss the ball into the air, clap and then catch it...that was interesting to watch!

Dakota wouldn't try any of it, but Harper was really enjoying himself! Dakota did exactly what she'd done the week before (hung on my leg) but once I broke free of her grasp I was able to trick her into playing with me a little.

At one point she even seemed to be enjoying herself and I caught a little smile! Hooray!

T-ball was a success and I think we'll try to get outside this week a little bit to practice.

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