Saturday, August 15, 2015

Harper’s 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Harper's 5th birthday last weekend. Colin, Harper’s friend from preschool, has a birthday very close to his so his mom and I decided to throw the boys' party together. We had a Lego/pool theme; both boys love Lego and it's August so the pool is always a good idea! We were able to use our community’s pool for the party which was really convenient.


Lisa and I each made some of the party décor and we each made our own child’s cake. We served hot dogs (Tony grilled them right before the party and we kept them warm in a crock pot) popcorn and pretzels with lemonade and ice water to wash it down.


Lisa made the cute little goodie bags and decorated the yellow cups with Lego people faces. She also put together a couple Lego inspired banners and made a “5” sign using Lego’s, of course!




Lisa made these cute little Lego treats with marshmallows! Adorable and so tasty!


I gave Landon the chore of making a cute napkin/fork/spoon holder. I kind of gave him direction and he carried it out. I love how it turned out…and the Happy Birthday was a great touch!


While Landon was working on the Lego thingy above, I was busy making Lego shaped crayons:



And little coloring books to go with them:

(The Lego coloring book cover wasn’t my personal design. I found it on Pinterest and the original can be found here.)


Here are the cakes:

Lisa’s cake for Colin


My cake for Harper


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearest Harper…Happy Birthday to you! Make a wish…


I thought both cakes were so cute! I loved making Harper’s. It was fun to be a little creative with it. It was just a simple cake mix with a can of white frosting, but the little Lego men and banner dressed it right up. I ordered the molds for the crayons on Amazon and the box came with three different molds. Since I only used the one mold for the crayons I thought I’d make little chocolate men to go around the cake. I found yellow melting chocolates at Michaels and they were super easy to make.










The party was from 11-1pm and it was the perfect amount of time. Landon said he thought it was too short but I think the timing was good. It wasn’t that warm out and after everyone had cake they didn’t really seem interested in getting back in the water. (We also committed to a bbq later that afternoon so we needed a little time to get ready in between.) We had a great time and I thought everything worked out pretty smoothly.

I’ll do a separate post on Harper opening his gifts since this is so long!

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