Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday 5

  • Today was Dakota’s third speech meeting and it went wonderfully. She really likes the therapist and Kota does a great job listening and trying to emulate what the therapist says. Today we played Candy Land and each time she moved she had to practice an ending sound. We focused on the endings “p”, “ck”, “m”, “t” and “b”. These were pretty tough but she can do “m” as a beginning or ending sound fairly well. We’ll have to work on the rest.
  • When Dakota and I left her speech session we saw a bunch of kids coming in from the playground. I had a suspicion that we might run into Harper (which I didn’t know if it would be a good or bad thing) and I had no more than opened the door when he spotted us. He gave me the strangest look and said “mama?” I said hello to him and he just said “mama?” again. He was so confused to see me there that he didn’t even know what to say! I didn’t get to talk to him as his teacher was trying to get all the kids inside and he seemed so confused I just told him I’d see him at home and Dakota and I left.
  • Dakota ran ahead of me on the way home from the school bus this morning and she came running back to tell me she saw a funny worm. As I got closer to the “worm” I saw that it wasn’t a worm at all but the tiniest snake I’ve ever seen! I don’t know what kind of snake it was but it wasn’t very happy to see us!
  • Landon participated in his first cross country event this afternoon. His school holds the Old Mill Running Festival annually and they do a few different running events for anyone in his school who wants to participate. Landon ran the 5K but there was also a relay and a mile walk that he could have done. He said he was able to finish and he thinks he placed somewhere in the middle of the group. I guess we’ll find out more on Monday.
  • One of the very best parts of my day is greeting Harper as he gets off the bus. He is always the first one off and he comes running to me for a big hug. (He always hugs Dakota too!) It’s the best! I figured I’d better get it on video before he tires of the whole thing…I wish it would last forever, but I guess it would look strange if he did that getting off the bus when he’s Landon’s age and size!

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