Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tales of a Tuesday

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are rough mornings around here. It’s the two days a week that I have to get Dakota to preschool after making sure Landon and Harper get on the bus and it feels like a storm has blown through at the end of it all! Landon pretty much takes care of everything himself but I’ve had to get him out of bed a few times and I’m always worried he’ll miss the bus. So far he hasn’t, but the school year is young.

Harper’s alarm is set for 7am, but I think he’s only actually needed it once because he’s always awake before it goes off. Today he was awake because once Dakota got up she thought it’d be fun to wake him up. When I got out of the shower they were both in his laughing and playing and having the greatest time. I wasn’t thrilled, but I’d had my shower so I wasn’t too grumpy.

After getting Harper off to school (the bus was late because they had to reroute everyone on a nearby road because of an accident that occurred over night) Dakota and I raced home to get her stuff ready to go to school. Somehow we made it to her school on time but she cried and held onto me like her life depended on it so I ended up walking her in anyways. Walking her in didn’t help either, so I ended up handing my sobbing baby over to her teacher and then went home. I sure hope she doesn’t continue to do this too long because it is heart breaking. The only thing I know to do when she does that is to go home and clean until it’s time to go back to get her. It’s the only way to get it off my mind. Around 10:15 or so her teacher sent me a text saying that Dakota was doing fine…phew!

I went back to get her and found her sitting with her class outside eating their snack. I would have gotten out and taken pictures but I was afraid if she saw me she wouldn't finish her snack and have her outside play time, so I let her be. But, when she finished snack and ran to play, I had to get a little video of what she did:

I know it’s kind of far away and hard to tell, but she let all the other kids get on the stationary trikes and then ran around pushing them all! Such a cutie pie! And, when one little boy wanted a turn and there were no seats she told him he’d just have to wait until someone got off and then get a turn. Haha! I love my assertive, sensible little girl! Future CEO I’m sure!

It was nice to see that she was happy despite the rocky drop off and when she saw me she told me what a fun day she’d had. She told me she played with her new friends and did her “Me Stew” (each child brought in a few items to tell about themselves, added said items to a pot, grabbed a wooden spoon and a chef’s hat and then told everyone about the things in the pot. Dakota brought pieces to her tea set, some magnets to build a cube, her Barney “phone”, a family picture book and princess tiara.) I so wanted to be there for her presentation but I knew it wouldn’t work if I was there…but her awesome teacher sent me this picture:

Harper and Dakota both came home singing songs today too. I had to get a little video of each because there is just something terribly adorable about little kids singing. Enjoy!

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