Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend, Saturday

We sure had a nice long weekend and I hate that it’s already over! Back to school and work tomorrow, and it’s going to be Dakota’s first day going to preschool solo. (I’m pretty freaked out about it.)

After school on Friday Landon went to a pasta/pool party with his cross country team. He had a great time and I love that they do this kind of team building. It’s a great way to meet new people and build better friendships with like minded people. He said he had a terrific time and he’d like to go to the next one they have. He may run in his first meet this Wednesday, I should know for sure tomorrow.
Saturday was our errand running day. We did our grocery shopping and took the kids to lunch then we came home, made pizza and headed down to the pool. Landon hung out at home to get his homework done and mow the lawn, his weekly chore.

This little chick was feeling brave and jumped into the pool by herself a few times. She didn’t even get upset when she went underwater, a huge accomplishment!

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s happening in the photo below, but he was jumping backwards into the pool.

It’s funny to think that only a few short months ago these two were very hesitant around the pool. Harper is swimming some now and Dakota is slowly but surely on her way as well. I think I’ll have to try to get them to the indoor pool’s this fall/winter to keep up their confidence and skills.

She told me she couldn’t blow bubbles with her “swimmies” on because they made her float up too much. :) So, she took them off and showed me her bubble blowing skills.


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