Sunday, September 6, 2015

Letter “A”, Day Two

On Thursday Dakota and I continued talking about and working on the letter Aa. All the worksheets and ideas came from Pinterest.

She practiced holding a crayon (no matter how many times I tried to get her to hold it right, she’d change it to the way you see in the pic below) and tracing a line from the upper case A to the lower case a:



Next we made an alligator A. First she glued precut green squares to a letter A printout.


Then she cut out some letter A’s to feed the alligator:


Once she was done cutting she glued the A’s on the paper, added eyes and the teeth I cut out and she was done!


Since we used the bingo markers to mark the letter A’s last time, this time we used little circle stickers to mark them. This chick loves stickers so she was very happy to do this worksheet.


One other sheet we did was stamping the letter A onto an apple shape. She loves to stamp but I don’t really have great stamps for her to use. The stamp I tried was an acrylic one that had to go on a acrylic block and her little hand just wasn’t big enough to use it, so it was a bust. But, I’ll be picking up some stamps for her to use very soon.

Our very last project for letter A was making cupcakes. I know you’re thinking that cupcakes start with C, but we made cute little apples out of chocolate to go on top…




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