Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunday at Six Flags

We bought passes for Six Flags next year and in order to get all the “gold” card benefits you have to visit the park once before the closing of the current season. So, Sunday afternoon, after all the chores we needed to do were done, we hopped in the van and took off for a little fun.

The park is getting all prepped for Fright Fest but it doesn’t begin until Sept 26th. Landon can hardly wait to go!

The line for the carousel was REALLY long so we went over to the tea cups. Harper loves rides like that but for some reason he didn’t want to get on it, so Tony and Dakota rode it. Landon and I can’t stand the spinning so we were happy to stay off that one.

Next up was the pirate ship. This time the boys rode while Dakota and I waited. Landon absolutely hated it and said he’d never ride it again! Harper, on the other hand, loved it!

I told Tony I wanted to try to find the little hot air balloon ride that we’d ridden with Zoe and Landon years ago. Initially we couldn’t figure out where they’d moved it, but when Landon and I went to find his friend that was also at the park, we happened upon it. (Landon never did meet up with his friend, they kept missing each other.)

That’s Superman in the background. I rode that years ago and it was really fun…Landon refuses to try it so far.

Anyways, we got our chance on the hot air balloons and when we were getting off Harper said “well, that was really boring.” He was right, it was boring, but it’d been many years since we’d ridden it and I hadn’t remembered!

While we were up in the air Harper spotted a playground so I headed there with the little kids while Tony and Landon took off for the Mind Eraser. The kids were perfectly happy running around in that playground but when I was tired of standing there I proposed we go ride one more thing before Tony and Landon got back. I gave them a few options of rides nearby and they ended up choosing the little helicopter ride.

The ride itself was fine, but the guy who was running it was awful. He was in no hurry to do anything at all. Ever. He basically moseyed around like he was on vacation while everyone stood in line waiting on him. He’d very slowly walk around to each door to check that it was closed properly, and then once he’d checked each door, he’d walk to the gates to make sure they too were secure. He’d eventually make it over to the booth to start the ride where he’d barely pay any attention to what was going on. Then, when the ride stopped, he’d go through the agonizingly slow process all over again. It was absolutely maddening how slow he moved. There was even one point where another employee walked by and he completely stopped what he was doing to yell out to her as she walked by. She responded and kept going but he just stood there watching her walk away before he finally snapped out of it and went back to his SLOW work.

I could go on about this guy and how he was also rude and hard to understand (because he had his necklace covering his mouth while he barked “how many?!” at the kids in line) but I won’t because I’m annoyed just thinking about it. 

We left the park around 5:30, half and hour before closing to avoid traffic. It was a decent day at the park but I’d still much rather go during the week as soon as they open to avoid such huge crowds!

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