Monday, January 18, 2016

Nerf Games and Heart Banners

My morning started off with a bang when I heard Dakota running to the bathroom sick. She was in bed with me and I was just waiting for it to be at least 7 am before we got up when she started coughing. She hasn't had a fever all day and has been fine except for the two instances that she was sick this morning. I'm pretty sure it's flat out congestion that's making her sick because she's been absolutely fine otherwise. I'm hoping that she'll get a good nights sleep tonight and feel great tomorrow.

The kids were off today so we kept busy around the house. (I didn't want to take chances with Dakota even though she seemed fine.) We played with a bunch of toys this morning and I made up a little target game with the Nerf guns. The kids wanted something to shoot at so I cut out circles, numbered them 1-6 and then they had to find the numbers in order then shoot them. That kept them both busy for quite awhile and they had a great time hiding them for me to find as well. 

Harper wasn't taking any chances when it came to hitting his target:

We have a red and a blue Nerf gun so I cut circles to match so that there would be no fighting. It didn't work but I tried! 

After running around the house we sat down to do a craft. I cut out a bunch of hearts from scrap paper and we decorated them using different materials. I had some plastic snowflakes, stickers, glitter and markers available. 

Once the hearts were dry (they loved using the glitter and glue of course!) I strung them up with yarn to hang in their rooms. 

The rest of the day we spent playing and hanging out with Zoe when she came over. They were so excited to see their sister! Zoe painted Dakota's nails and I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of Dakota's day! Harper was able to sit and read his books with Zoe while she was here too and he just loves that. Landon wasn't here for most of the day because he went to the mall for a friends birthday. They went to see a movie, Ride Along 2 and then walked around the mall a bit. 

It was a good day and it was nice having all the kids home for a bit. Back to school tomorrow but the kids get out 2 hours early all week and then have a four day weekend. I keep hearing about snow in our immediate future too, so lots of stuff to look forward to here! 

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