Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sitting Around on a Sunday

When we got home from Lea's birthday party last night Dakota was all out of sorts. She kept complaining that her ear hurt and was crying and unhappy but for the most part I figured she was just over tired. The kids had been talking/yelling to each other through a cardboard tube earlier in the evening so I thought that must be what the ear pain was all about and pretty much dismissed the whole thing until she couldn't fall asleep and stay asleep last night. She would fall asleep for a few minutes then wake up crying for me, and after running up the stairs a few times I decided I'd better give her some Tylenol for the ear pain. After I gave her the medicine she fell asleep and stayed asleep for much of the night, only waking once for more medicine. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she got Tony up and he noticed she felt warm. He took her temp and sure enough she was running a fever. Again. (Both the little kids were sick on Christmas day and running fevers for about the next 4 days.) 

So my poor little Kota spent most of her day feeling yucky. When I asked her about her ear she said it didn't hurt anymore. She had a fever off and on throughout the day and even vomited twice. I made her take a nap and she slept for nearly two hours. When she got up she was groggy and not exactly herself but she sure started acting better. By this evening she wasn't running any fever and was able to eat, and she was dancing and playing in the living room. Things are looking up...but, when I got her out of the bath she told me her ear hurt. What the heck?! I may take her in to the doctor tomorrow to make sure her little ear is okay, I'll see how tonight and tomorrow morning go.  

It snowed today just a little too. Nothing that stuck anywhere but just enough to get the kids excited before melting away. I keep hearing about a possible winter storm later this week so I'll be keeping my ears open for that. If we get something I hope it waits till Friday so that Landon can get his exams over with! They have 4 half days this week with tomorrow off for Martin Luther King day. Then, after the 4 exam days they have the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday off. So, if we could just get through exams that'd be great!

Since we were all holed up indoors with the little sick one, we played lots of video games! Tony and I started Yoshi's Woolly World and Harper and Dakota just love watching us play. Harper gives us all kinds of advice and loves to point out when we're making mistakes. It's pretty funny listening to him while we play, he just knows he could do it better! 

I'm not sure what we're going to do tomorrow but I was hoping to do something fun with the kids since there's no school. Now I'll just have to wait and see how Dakota's feeling before deciding but my fingers are crossed that she'll be back to normal in the morning. 

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