Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rolly Pollies and Hanging out with the Best Sister Ever

Harper and Dakota were both in bed by 7:15 tonight. They were so exhausted from our day that they couldn't handle another minute of it, so off to bed they went.

Our day began early (6am) with them in my bed watching Dora the Explorer  (this show gets my vote for most OBNOXIOUS) while I showered. After breakfast and getting them dressed they went downstairs in the basement to play. (There goes all that cleaning I did yesterday.) I didn't worry about it though and they played with each other down there for a solid hour. It was heavenly.

At 10:30 we piled in the van and headed to Rolly Pollies. They were very excited to go since it's been quite a long time since the last time we went. They were SO ready to play!

After Rolly Pollies we met Zoe and Mema at Newks for lunch and man was that place packed! I guess cabin fever was probably setting in for most people because every where we went seemed extra busy. Lunch was nice and then we headed home for a bit. Zoe came over for a little while so taht she could draw with Dakota and beat up bad guys with Harper. AFter about an hour we all decided it'd be fun to go to her house to play with Nero and Zephy. (Landon refused all offers to hang out today. He chose to sleep late and then had a friend over to play Black Op's while we were gone. Teenager's are sucky like that sometimes.)

Nero is still sporting the cone of shame while an infected scratch on his head heals. He doesn't care for the cone or for having his picture taken, but I forced him into just this one. Gotta have pics of the grand kitties after all.

Both kids really enjoyed playing with the cats and it was fun to hang out with Zoe a little too. When we left Harper said "I wish Zoe lived with us. Why did she move to her own house?" We talked about how that's what kids do when they get older and he said "Well, I wish she still lived with us." (So sweet!) Dakota chimed in and said "I love Zoe. Her's my fabrit (favorite) sister". When I replied that Zoe was the best sister ever, they both nodded and agreed. 

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