Sunday, February 14, 2016

100th Day of School

Harper's 100th day of school actually passed by a week or so ago but because of school delay's and other circumstances, they just celebrated it this past Thursday. He was SO excited to have his 100th day party, and when I asked him what they were going to do he said "count things to 100"! I guess counting that high is exciting!? I was a little surprised when I got a letter home from the school requesting that we make a 100 day t-shirt for him to wear. I mean, when Landon was in school he had to bring in a bag of 100 something (he brought bouncy balls) and I was totally prepared for that, but make a t-shirt?

I fretted over making a shirt for more than a week before I finally came up with an idea I thought I could handle. Using felt, puffy paint and hot glue, I got to work making him a train with 100 cars. The shirt says "100th Day" in the puffs of smoke and the first few cars say "Chugging through Kindergarten". Then, I hot glued 100 cars all over the front and back of his shirt. I ran out of room and had to make the last 7 cars smaller than the rest and ended up gluing them to the sleeves.

I learned a lot making this shirt. 1) felt is heavier than it seems 2) think small in terms of 100 items fitting on a kids shirt 3) a youth small shirt is still pretty big on a 5 year old 4) hot glue works well but I can't even tell you how many times I burned the crap out of my fingers.

I was a little worried about what Harper would think of the shirt, but I shouldn't have because he loved it! He couldn't wait to wear it to school to show his teacher and friends. Phew. I did it!

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