Sunday, February 14, 2016

Snow Soup & Twirly Paint

When Harper got off the bus on Monday he came running up to me and said he wanted to go straight out to the backyard and make snow soup. I don't know if someone talked about it at school or what but he was determined!

The minute we walked in the front door he ran to the back door and headed out to make his soup. He filled a little bowl with sand, snow and a rock or two and then brought it up to show me.

He sure was proud of his little creation but after he showed me he said he was ready to come back in because his hands were freezing.

Dakota was having a fever free moment and she asked to paint. We did some regular painting on paper and then I decided to pull out the twirl o paint, a toy that was originally Zoe's and still works perfectly!

Dakota made painting after painting and just loved showing me how each one turned out.

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