Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day Super Heroes

Harper's kindergarten class celebrated Valentine's day on Friday. I like to make something every year instead of giving out the little cards you can buy at the store, but this year I nearly waited too long to choose something. At the last minute I decided to make each kid in his class a super hero mask. (Not my idea, Pinterest, of course.) I went out and picked up several colors of foam paper and a few lengths of elastic; I had everything else at home. I cut out all 31 masks (I decided to make the same thing for Dakota's preschool friends) added the elastic and then printed out the words "Valentine, You're Super" with my printer. I then traced a heart shape around the hearts and cut them out to be used as the tags.

Since my kids are still pretty young, I figured they didn't need to write each friends name out, they could just hand them out randomly. I did have Harper write his name on the cards, Dakota's I wrote for her.

I had to add tiny beads to the ends of the elastic to keep it from slipping through the holes, but I have tiny beads in abundance so I didn't mind. I used some washi tape to attach the heart card to the mask, and we were done! I bought little bags of chocolates for the teachers, and included a mask and heart card that read "Mrs. MacCredie/Cartee, You're My Hero".

I thought they turned out really well considering I waited until the night before to finish them. I just love procrastinating! I only procrastinated on Harper's though because Dakota isn't celebrating Valentine's Day with her class until tomorrow! (Not looking like she'll have school tomorrow though because it snowed today and now we are getting freezing rain. Poo.)

*When I posted about Harper's 100th day, I forgot to post the hat he was wearing when he got off the bus. It's too cute not to share! You can't see the paint dots on each of the paper strips, but each strip had 10 dots with a grand total of 100! Cute hat, cuter kid! :)

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