Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Back to School, Back to Rolly Pollies

After having a (planned) long weekend because of Presidents day plus an inclement weather day, the kids finally had school. No one was too excited to go back but if they want any kind of summer break, they've gotta go.

Dakota and I ran a few errands this morning and were at her Rolly Pollies class by 10. She was pretty excited to go which was a nice change. Most of the time she acts like she'd rather not, but today she was feeling positive I guess.

She was a little stand offish at first and refused to do the introductory song, but once we got out on the main floor, she was more willing to try things. The teacher had them do a few things like crab walk and then walk like a bear (on all fours) at first and then they had to do a few different maneuvers with a small ball. Once they'd done that (Dakota barely participated) we headed over to the obstacle course the teacher had set up.

They had to grab hold of a bar and pull themselves up on their tummies and then flip over the top, and Dakota loved it! She did it several times (with help) and got better at it each time. Then they had to walk up metal bars using hands and feet and make it all the way to the end where they had to kick a bell. She loved doing that part as well.

I thought it'd be cool to get some pictures from underneath as she made her way across the bars...


She thought it was cool too...

She enjoyed running/jumping down the tumble track today too and did a great job on her forward roll. She does them all the time but gets a little stage fright when the teacher is watching. :)

The last part of the obstacle course was walking on the balance beams while holding a foam cube. She did really good with this too and hardly needed any help. 

She had a great time today and I hope as we keep going she'll become more and more confident in her skills. I think she really enjoys this kind of activity and wonder what she'd do if I enrolled her in a gymnastics class somewhere. 

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