Sunday, February 21, 2016

Short Sunday Update

This is going to be a short post because I'm wiped out, but I don't want to go too many days with nothing on the blog. It just gets too easy to let time pass and then I'm mad that I didn't get our little daily details down...

Dakota and Harper have been running low fevers again this weekend. I am beyond knowing what to do at this point. We had to cancel dinner plans with friends and that sucked, but I don't want my kiddo's getting anyone else sick. 

Today though, both kids woke up feeling good so we did run some (too many) errands. Harper has officially graduated to a size 6 (slim) in pants as all his old jeans were looking pretty silly they were so short. I got some great deals at Kohl's on jeans and ended up getting him and myself two pairs. I also grabbed 4 new tops off the clearance racks and picked up some size 4 leggings for Dakota. All the 3's I bought her at the beginning of fall are looking shorter and babies are growing!

We also had to run to Sams club (grocery time!), Lowes (needed some under cabinet organization), and the grocery store. It was a long day but it was absolutely necessary. Dakota was running a bit of a temperature when we got home so we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing. She seems to be okay right now but we'll be going back to the doctor tomorrow to see if her ears are clear or not. The kids don't have school tomorrow because of parent teacher conferences so I'll be chatting with Harper's teacher tomorrow. (I didn't schedule an appt with any of Landon's teachers, I just email them if/when I have an issue.)

Other than that, nothing super duper interesting is going on here. I did find a few pictures that Dakota had taken with my phone, so I'll leave you with those...

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