Monday, February 1, 2016

Back to School, For Some

Today, after nine days off, the kids went back to school. Well, most of the kids did anyways. Harper is still running a fever off and on so he stayed home again today. I was hoping that he'd be better today but no such luck. I guess if he's still sick tomorrow we'll be making a trip out to see the doctor again. I wish I knew what was going on and whether or not he really needed to see a doctor, but it seems like 6 days running a fever on and off is a bit long.

Since Harper woke up feeling good and was playing most of the morning I thought maybe we were in the clear but as soon as I had him and Dakota in the van heading to the store he told me his head was hurting. I jumped out of the van, ran in the house and got him some medicine. I still had to go to the store though so we made a quick trip of it. (One of the things I needed was more medicine for him!)

We spent the rest of the day playing in the house. While he was feeling good he played with his Playmation stuff, and when he wasn't feeling so great we watched t.v. and read books. We also did some drawing and wipe off books. Harper worked on math skills while Dakota worked on the alphabet.

Dakota is really into drawing these days so she was happy to do that for what felt like forever. She just draws and draws and I can see improvement on a near daily basis. This is a girl she drew with long "butibul" (beautiful) hair. I thought the stickers were a nice touch. :) She still doesn't draw arms on anyone but sometimes she asks me to draw them on when she's finished.

Dakota is headed back to preschool tomorrow for the first time in quite awhile so I am expecting hysterics when she has to get out of the car. Every time she adjusts and stops crying we have a long break and she's got to get used to things again. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she'll hop out of the car happily in the morning and have a wonderful day at school. Her class is having a pajama day tomorrow so hopefully that will be fun!

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Leslie said...

It was such a great break from school, we were bummed about going back today. Traffic was a monster this morning, the normal 10 minute ride to sally's school in Towson took me an hour to get home. Nuts! When is spring break??!?! lol

Have a great "quiet" week.

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