Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sick Day, Take 2

Harper woke up feeling good this morning but I just wasn't too sure about sending him to school since he'd run a fever just the night before. So, he was home with me again today. Dakota had her first day back at preschool and she did great! No crying about school at all! She hopped right out of the van and waved "bye, mama"! It was awesome. 

While Dakota was at school Harper and I had to run an errand that I'd been putting off and then we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a little breakfast and special mama/son time. He chose a big bottle of juice while I had a hot chocolate and he showed me his awesome skills on his favorite iPad game. It was such a great hour, just sitting and listening to him tell me all the things his 5 year old brain thinks. 

We went back to the school to pick up Dakota (who was DELIGHTED to see us, mostly him) a little early because I had stuff I needed to put away in the class room. We hopped out of the van and as I told her we were just going to go in real quick to put the stuff away her eyes filled with tears and she begged me not to get back in the van without her. Harper rushed to reassure her that we were just going in for a second and that she could come "wis" (I love how he pronounces with) us. I thought it was very sweet, and it made Dakota feel better. She was anxious to show him around the school and she talked non stop about what she'd done that day. They'd had pajama day, eaten pancakes and made a bear in a cave for art. :) 

Once we got home it was time for a quick lunch and then Dakota took a much needed nap. I had all kinds of ideas for Harper and I to fill the time but things changed when he went upstairs to gather up blankets because he was cold. He never tells me his head hurts, he just gets really cold and that's how I know he's running a fever. I decided then that it was time to call the doctor again. 

I made an appointment with the doctor then called Mema and asked if she'd be able to come stay with Dakota while we went to the appointment. Luckily she was nearby and didn't mind coming over. I hated waking Dakota up from her nap just to drag her to another doctors appointment so I was very thankful that Mema was able to help us out. 

The doctor gave Harper a thorough look over but nothing seems amiss. He doesn't have strep, his ears are clear and he has no other symptoms to look after. So, it seems that this is just a stupid viral infection that he's taking his time in fighting. Nothing to be done. I am happy to say though that since that early afternoon temp, he's been 100% fine. He'd been regularly running a fever at bedtime and tonight he was just fine, so it gives me hope. As long as he wakes up feeling good tomorrow I'm going to go ahead and send him to school. I teasingly asked him if he'd remember how to get to his class since he'd been away so long and he said "oh, mom, don't you worry about me, I know my way"! Made me laugh! Such a big boy for just 5. :) 

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