Monday, February 29, 2016

Carrol's Creek Cafe

Yesterday didn't quite go as I'd hoped it would. Tony and I both woke up rather late which was awesome but when Tony went down the hallway to Harper's room he found a very sick little guy. At some point Harper had gotten up in the middle of the night, possibly just very early morning and was sick to his stomach. He'd tried to make it to the bathroom, but hadn't quite made, it was a bit messy. But, instead of coming to wake us up, he just went back to bed. When I asked him why he didn't come wake us up he said "I just wanted to let you and dad sleep as long as possible."

What a doll.

The poor kid ended up spending most of his day on the couch with a belly ache. Zoe came over to watch the kids while Tony and I went out to lunch but instead of walking around downtown for a bit we just went back home. I didn't feel right leaving my poor sick boy for too long.

Tony and I went to Carrol's Creek Cafe for lunch because it was Annapolis Restaurant Week, and why the heck not? (We'll use any excuse to get out!) The weather was beautiful and the restaurant sits right on the water so there was a nice view of docked sailboats with a few sailing by here and there. There was a special restaurant week menu and you could get 2 courses for $15.99 or 3 courses for $19.99. I went with a two course meal, Carrol's Creek Salad and the Tuscan Chicken Flat Bread. I could NOT resist trying the cream of crab soup though and I ordered that as well. (The soup was by far the best thing I ate yesterday. They brought it out first thing though and after eating that and my salad I only had a few bites of my flat bread and ended up bringing the rest home!) Tony also ordered two courses. He chose the same salad but had a Cuban sandwich. He must have liked his just fine because his plate was clean when he finished!

I didn't get any picture while we were out as I wasn't feeling very well. I've been sick for several days but it all seemed to get worse during the weekend. I had taken medicine early Sunday but should have brought some with me while we were out. Oh well. Zoe did take a few pictures of us before we left though...

As you can see, Dakota wasn't too happy that Tony and I were going out without her. It didn't matter that Zoe, her most favorite person was there to watch and play with her. She just cried and cried until we left and then Zoe said she was fine.

Harper wanted to take a picture of me too, so here's that one:

When we got home, I felt awful. I went up to take a nap and when I came back down an hour or so later, Zoe and Brandon were gone. I felt terrible that I didn't get to hang out with them, but hopefully they'll be back another afternoon when we aren't all feeling so crappy.

Later that afternoon I decided to take the kids outside in the backyard to swing. Harper seemed to be feeling a bit better and the weather was just right, so out we went.

Tony and Dakota spent some time jumping on the trampoline and hearing her giggle with him was awesome!

Harper spent a good bit of time digging in the the dirt under the deck. At one point I asked him why he didn't dig in the sand box and he said he didn't want to get it dirty? At first I had no idea what the heck that meant and then realized his shovel was a bit muddy from the dirt under the deck and he didn't want to mix it with the sand in the sand box. I got a good laugh out of that though!

Luckily, Harper was better after playing outside for awhile and he was able to eat dinner without any further tummy trouble. He went to bed feeling good and I was thankful for that!

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