Saturday, February 27, 2016

Family Movie Night: The Good Dinosaur

After taking care of sick kids and managing to stay healthy for many weeks, they finally got me. I've been battling a nasty cold all week but today it really hit me. I barely slept last night and felt crappy most of today. But, after taking medicine and moving around I was well enough to get Landon to Sky Zone to hang out with his friends. While he jumped and played dodge ball, Tony the little kids and I headed to Columbia Mall. We just walked around a bit and I picked up a few new things for myself as well as the kids. Nothing special really, but I got some really good deals, and that's always fun! (4 tops and a pair of pants for $40 for myself! Woohoo!)

We picked Landon up after two hours and we all went to lunch at Noodles & Company because Harper and Dakota have been asking to go there for weeks now. It's one of Landon's favorites too so we were able to feed everyone with zero complaints. You have no idea how rare that is.

Tony knew that the movie The Good Dinosaur  was out on DVD this week so we picked it up and thought it'd be fun to have a family movie/dinner night in the basement.

We just did a simple picnic style dinner; subs, fruit, chips, cookies and popcorn while watching what turned out to be an adorable movie. I loved that Harper understood most of it and it was great hearing him laugh so much. Dakota was super tired because she didn't have a nap so she was kind of crazy during the whole thing, but for the most part she did alright. I was also glad that Landon hung out with us despite it being a little kid movie. He didn't hate it either...

Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous weather day with temps in the upper 60's! Tony and I have a lunch date tomorrow afternoon and Zoe's offered to watch the two little kiddo's for me...should be a fun day!

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