Monday, February 8, 2016

Dakota's Sick (again) and a New Cooktop

Yesterday, before the big Vranbowl, Tony and the two boys went to get haircuts. Dakota stayed home with me and before I could even ask her what she wanted to do, she came down the hallway dragging her blankie. I thought she must be tired from waking up early, but I should have known it was more than that. My kids do not willingly nap unless they're sick. And sick she was.

She woke up from her nap running a temperature and man did she feel lousy. I gave her some Tylenol and let her rest on the couch until she felt a little better. She ended up feeling well enough to play games with us yesterday, but by bed time she wasn't feeling well again. I'd already made her an appointment for today last week because I wanted the doctor to check on her ears so at least I already had an appointment lined up.

Her appointment wasn't until 12:20 pm so we spent the morning watching her favorite tv shows (PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Goldie & Bear) and playing kitchen set when she felt good enough. Around 10:!5 she said she was cold so I put her in a warm bath. She soaked while I cleaned the rest of the bathroom and she was as happy as can be...until I got her out. She was shivering and shaking so hard I could hardly get her dressed! I bundled her up and blow dried her hair and then we headed out to the doctor.

I had asked her if either of her ears or throat hurt and she told me no so I wasn't sure what could be wrong and was a little surprised when the doctor said she had another raging ear infection! Ugh. He said that we should dry a different medicine than the amoxicillan this time so we are using Cefdinir. I sure hope this one works because my poor girl is miserable and I hate that she feels so awful.

In other news, Tony was able to go pick up our new cooktop this afternoon. I had a bad feeling that it wouldn't be simple to install, and I was right. Cooktop's just sit down in a hole cut into the counter top and our old one was just a tad smaller than our new one is; and by tad I mean an 1/8th of an inch. Instead of screaming like I wanted to, I talked Tony into cutting the countertop to make the new one fit. He worked up his nerve and got his tools and started cutting.

He's got it most of the way in but there are two screws on the sides that he needs to trim a little space for and then I think it'll be in. After that he'll just have to figure out all the electrical crap. Hopefully we'll have a functioning stove by the end of the week and a healthy preschooler by tomorrow!

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