Sunday, February 14, 2016

Update on Dakota

The last time I posted was nearly a week ago. Oy. Last week was really tough though because Dakota was really sick and I spent every waking hour tending to her needs. She was suffering from an ear infection but also had a nasty virus on top of it. She ran a fever from last Sunday until yesterday. She went to bed Friday night without a fever and woke up Saturday morning without one so I think we are finally in the clear. (I'm nervous about her coming off the antibiotic though because I'm afraid this will all start again.)

She and I did all sorts of things together but most of it involved sitting on the couch. We read lots of books, played some games on the iPad, watched lots of cartoons and colored. When she was feeling decent we played with her kitchen set and with the Calico critters. It was a long week of holding her and rocking her and just keeping her comfortable.

I got a few pictures of her when her medicine seemed to be working and she could play:

I'm really hoping all this sickness is gone for good this time. It's been the better part of January and now February that one or both of the little kids has been sick and that's just enough!

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