Sunday, February 7, 2016

VranBowl 2016

Today we held our annual Vranbowl. We started this three years ago because we aren't big football fans and don't watch the Super Bowl. So, we make food, play silly minute to win it games and hang out's nice!

Our menu this year wasn't like what you'd find at most Super Bowl parties, but it was good nonetheless. We had warm bean dip (tasty but it made a TON), crackers and cheese (Dakota really wanted that), deviled eggs (I made these for Zoe), veggie platter (gotta eat something healthy-ish) velveeta/salsa dip with chips (yum!) and the main dish was chicken and wild rice soup (good but the veggies weren't all the way done). Everyone ate to their hearts content and for dessert we had simple brownie sundaes.

I tried to choose games that everyone could play but despite my efforts, Harper just wasn't very interested. He played a couple games with us and then played with some paper airplanes that Brandon made him. Oh well.

Our first game was called Heart Stack. Using conversation hearts and only one hand, stack them as high as you can in one minute. The person with the tallest stack, wins. Landon was the big winner of this game!

The next game was one where you put a paper plate on your head and then draw a specific thing. We did a snowman and then we drew a house. Harper was a sport and gave this a try. Dakota had me hold the plate on her head and draw for her...her's was probably the best, haha! 

Here's the house I drew on top of my head:

Next up was the Marshmallow Toss. Harper and Dakota both really enjoyed this one! As a matter of fact, we all had fun with this!

Bean on a Straw was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. Using only a straw, move beans from one bowl into another. Whoever has the most in one minute's time, wins.  Next time I'll use a smaller bean, I think some of these were just too heavy! Tony was the big winner on this game with 21 beans!

At one point while Zoe and Landon were racing Zoe said "can't we just use our hands"? I thought that was such a silly question not understanding that she just meant to steady the straw, so you can hear me making fun of her in the video below. And, as you can see, Landon crushed her! 

This picture is just too good not to share! So funny!

It made Zoe and I giggle when we noticed Dakota mimicking the guys playing this game!

Our last game for the evening was the bundt pan toss. Using a bundt pan, try to toss ping pong balls in for a point. (Extra point for getting a ball to land in the tube circle of the bundt pan!) Whoever has the most in one minute, wins. I won this one with 8 balls! Go me!

Spending time with this family of mine sure is fun! We had a great time together and I hope this will be a tradition that lasts.

Before the night was over Harper and Dakota convinced everyone to do the Tootie Ta was...interesting. :) I have THE best family. Really.

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