Thursday, February 25, 2016

Preschool Conference

As I mentioned in my last post, I met with Dakota's preschool teacher to talk about her progress thus far. I wasn't surprised by anything she told me as I'm at the school often and know Dakota's strength's and weaknesses. Obviously Dakota isn't "proficient" when it comes to getting out of the can and going into school, but other than that she does quite well. Mrs. Cartee also said that Dakota doesn't always ask her for help when she needs it. She says she stays quiet about things which surprises me a little because she certainly lets us all know when she needs something! I hope she'll find her voice and feel comfortable asking people for help when she needs it. The only other thing that wasn't marked as proficient was regarding her speech and whether or not she spoke clearly enough for adults to understand her. She's definitely working on that one with her speech therapist and progressing nicely.

After we went over the above lists (I agreed with everything she'd marked) she showed me the next two papers:

I was rather impressed with how much of that stuff she knew. Especially the lower case letters! She's a smart little cookie! I don't drill her on any of this stuff, she just picks it up during regular conversations we have. They do work on some of this at school but I think most of what she knows comes from being an active involved member of our family.

So, it was nice to get to sit and hear what her teacher had to say, but it wasn't really life altering or anything. We know we've got a smart, independent little sassy pants girl and we love her to bits.

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