Thursday, February 25, 2016

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Tuesday was supposed to be our big back to the regularly schedule day, but life sure knows how throw a curve ball in my plans. I was scheduled to be one of the working parents at Dakota's preschool so after getting Harper on the bus we headed out to her school. It was also my turn to have a parent teacher conference with her teacher so it was going to be a productive morning. (I'll write about the conference separately.)

Dakota was SUPER clingy the entire time we were at school. She not only wanted me by her side, she wanted to be touching me in some way. Either holding onto my sweater or my hand, just something. It was hard to do much of anything but as time went on she eased up a bit...but, she always had an eye on me no matter what. It's Dr. Suess week at school and the book they read and did activities on was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. First, they used goldfish crackers to count and place the correct number into their fish bowls.

Then, using the goldfish they already had, they graphed them by color:

And finally, they used corn syrup mixed with liquid watercolor to paint their very own fishbowls:

While the kids were painting their fishbowls I got a phone call from Ridgeway, Harper's elementary school. I stepped into the hallway to take the call (cue Dakota crying "mama, mama, mama") and it was Harper's teacher telling me that he'd been to the nurse complaining of ear pain. The nurse took his temp and said he didn't have a fever and sent him back to class. The teacher decided she'd call me anyways because once he was back in the classroom he sat down holding his ear and seemed to be crying a little bit. I talked to him on the phone and he confirmed that his ear was really hurting so I told him I'd be there as soon as I could. I felt terrible leaving during the middle of preschool when I was the working parent, but the teacher assured me they'd be fine.

Dakota and I were at Harper's school about 15 minutes after we the phone call. We were waiting for him in the lobby of the school and it was the cutest thing seeing him being escorted by two classmates for dismissal! They all walked very slowly down the hall holding his hands and while Harper looked miserable, his two friends looked sympathetic and so darn sweet! When we got home Harper went to lie down on the couch and that's when I knew his little ear was really hurting him. He was so upset and crying a bit so I gave him some Motrin and called his doctor. The doctor confirmed an ear infection in his left ear and sent us on our way with a slip for some amoxicillan.

So much for things getting back to normal.

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