Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rolly Pollies

Yesterday I was thinking about what I could do with Dakota all day today when I remembered that a new session of Rolly Pollies was about to start. As soon as I thought of it I got on the computer and enrolled her in a Wednesday morning class, which started this morning. (Good thing I thought of it when I did!)

She was excited to go but as soon as we got there she went back to her old ways. She was hiding from the teacher, crying (who she knows because she goes to preschool with the teachers son) and flat out refusing to try anything. I was completely annoyed with her and about 10 minutes in I pulled her aside and told her she'd better straighten up or we wouldn't come back. For whatever reason that was all it took and she participated the rest of the time. Once she got started on the obstacles, she had so much fun!

I didn't get any great pictures but as you can see, she did let her teacher help her with her forward roll. I have to say though that she didn't need any help because she does them really well all by herself!

I'm hoping that she'll do better next Wednesday. She has such a hard time with anything new but its got to get better as she gets older, right?

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