Sunday, March 27, 2016


We got back from a really fun camping trip last night. Our spring break was spent in the mountains of Tennessee and I've got tons of pictures to share but first, I'll share a little about our Easter...

Dakota was the first one up this morning and she must have spotted eggs immediately because she came running into our room yelling "the bunny was here and I see eggs"! She was super excited! We made her wait as long as we could but it wasn't long before I gave her the green light to wake her snoozing brother. We let Landon sleep since he's not over the top excited about Easter anymore :( Funny enough though, Landon was awake sometime after 9 this morning, an unheard of time for him to be up! Zoe and Brandon are in Florida visiting with his dad this year. Zoe's spring break didn't align with that she can't be here with us this year but I'm sure they'll have a great time in Florida!

Harper was excited to see the Hulk in his basket! 

Dakota liked the charm links in hers.

Landon got some new (much needed) shirts and some candy + $. 

After spending a good portion of our morning playing inside, we headed out to try out the new bubbles.

The kids also got these cool Super Balloons, and as you'll see, everyone liked them! (I forgot to record when Harps was trying to fill his. Oops!)

Needless to say, the super balloon was a hit! 

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