Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Election Day

It was voting day here in Maryland. I made sure to get out and cast my vote once Tony got home from work since the kids were here with me all day. (I thought about taking them but the lines were so long 4 years ago at the general election that I didn't want to take any chances. I needn't have worried since I was the ONLY person there at first. Only 2 others showed up before I left. Crazy.)

We started our morning later than usual, just after 7 am and held off on breakfast until after 8 am when they finally decided they were hungry. We got to have breakfast out on the deck because the weather was just fabulous this morning. 

Once they'd finished their eggs and jelly toast they wanted to play outside. They thought it was super cool to play outside in their pj's and I loved hearing them go on an little imaginary adventure together. Harper has a huge imagination and he is usually able to captivate Dakota and get her involved. Once they've got something going, they have the best time! I didn't want to spend my entire morning doing the usual so I brought out some markers and a coloring book to work on while they played. 

Eventually we made it back inside to get ourselves ready for the day and then their buddies came over to play for awhile. They played outside most of the time but the last 20 minutes or so they played in the basement...until Harper and Dakota decided to start fighting. Once the screaming began it was time for everyone to go on home and for my two to relax a bit. They'd been going 100 mph since they woke up and it all came crashing down right around lunch time, so we headed to the mall for lunch and a little shopping. They were thrilled when I gave them each a few quarters to hold and told them they could use them on one of the little kid rides in the middle of the mall. 

We got home from the mall just before 2 and I wasn't even a little happy to find Landon still asleep. Teenagers.  

The kids wanted to go back outside so while they played I set up an art activity in the gazebo. I ordered a bunch of new paint and paint brushes from Amazon. Dakota's been dying to get into them, so today was the day. 

Today was a great day and it was fun hanging out with the two little kids. It sure has me ready for those long summer days ahead! 

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